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Time Moves Faster Here


I swear it's true, here at college time moves by quicker than ever before.  And with more demands on your time than you ever thought possible, time truly does become your most crucial resource.  I'm completing most of my undergraduate coursework in three years before attending physical therapy school here at UE, which means I'm already halfway through my undergraduate career!  That's unbelievable and actually quite scary to think about.  I still find it weird to introduce myself as a sophomore in college.  And I felt old today in class when we walk in and kids birthdates we written on the board from the previous class...and they had been born in 2012 and 2013.  When someone says "20 years ago..." I think that's before I was born, but in fact it's right about the time I was born.

This weird warp in time though also serves as motivation to enjoy the time we have here at college.  It is such a privelege to have studying, learning, and experiencing be my responsibilities right now.

I couldn't have picked a better place than UE with all the absolutely amazing people here, to spend this gift of time called college.


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