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The Internship


Drum roll please . . . I have an internship!  You might be thinking, college students get internships all the time, during the semester, in the summer . . .your internship isn’t big news.


The music therapy internship is a required step to receiving my degree.  I will complete courses and requirements at UE in May, BUT I will not have a degree until I complete a six-month internship after graduation.  All internships are approved through the American Music Therapy Association, and certain guidelines are in place for applying and completing the internship.  For example, a student may only have four active internship applications at one time and may not apply more than a year in advance of the start date.  The internships are unpaid but sites may offer benefits like stipends and free housing.


The internship process begins before a student’s senior year.  I began thinking my junior year about with what population I would like to work.  I decided I would love to complete my internship in a hospital setting and began looking at those internship sites.  There are so many aspects to selecting for which to apply:  location, benefits offered, start dates available, the setting and internship itself.  Then you must apply (which can consist of sending a resume, letters of recommendation, essay questions, a DVD showing your musical skills, etc.) and wait to hear back from the site whether or not you receive an interview. 


I applied in October, 2013, for the October 2014 start date at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland.  After completing a phone interview, I heard the verdict only a few weeks later:  I was offered the internship!  I was honored to accept such a valuable opportunity.  This internship will allow me to learn in a first-rate hospital system with wonderful music therapists.  I’m so excited to start this new chapter in my life! 


Although I had already prepared two other applications, I’m totally ok with not having to send them.  I’m relieved that I know where I’ll be in the fall, and I am now able to answer the question, "What are your plans after graduation?" That alone is quite exciting.


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