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How College Students Celebrate the Superbowl


For most college students, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention the Superbowl is a) football b) commercials or c) food. And most likely c) food.

But seriously, there are always a lot of Superbowl gatherings on and around campus where you can hang out and watch the game or just socialize and have good food! Being in Indiana, there are an inordinate amount of Payton Manning fans on this campus. So, you can imagine the frustration on campus at the outcome of the game this year!

Many of the residence halls plan events for the halls and groups such as Student Christian Fellowship had Superbowl parties with free food for "starving" (but really...) college students. You can find many of the upperclassmen that live in on-campus apartments or off-campus having friends over to watch the game. I remember my freshman year, when one of my friends invited me to her church for their annual superbowl party with a chili cookoff! (You are probably not surprised that I have gone back every year and that friend is now my roommate!)

The superbowl always hits at a perfect time in February when everyone is sick of winter (especially this year).  With more snow coming down right now and more forecasted for this week, it can be easy to get spring fever! 

And what's even better this year is that the Winter Olympics will be on this month! So while it is snowing outside I can watch live iceskating and bobsledding (all while holding some hold chocolate and wrapped in a blanket)! I just have to remember to actually do homework while I watch...

So in conclusion, the Superbowl is a great time for college students to have a break from studying and enjoy laughing at commercials, yelling at the TV, and eating chili. All with some of your very best friends.


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