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I'm thankful for my student loan debt


I'm thankful for my student loan debt.  Now I'm not saying that if I won the lottery it would be a bitter breakup with the loan officers, or if for some reason college costs (gasp) decreased I'd be upset.  But for now as I pay for college with a combination of scholarships, loans, and money earned working jobs both over the summer and during the school year, yes, I am thankful for my student loan debt.  

When we pay for tuition it's the same price no matter if you take 12 or 18 credit hours.  With student loans, money I will have to pay back once I graduate, I'm actually willing and wanting to take 18 credit hours in a semester versus 12.  I want my money's worth.  

There have been plenty of classes where I would rather sleep in and just pull up the notes on Blackboard later.  But since I'm paying for this education that's just one reason I attend each class, otherwise I'm just paying for that empty chair to soak up physics or chemistry lessons.

With each semester, getting that email about loan disbursals is a reminder that I'm working hard to finance this education, and that I truly want to be here at college.  I'm not here for my family, or because my best friend chose this school, or because I just wanted to get away from my parents.  I'm here in order to learn and gain as much experience as possible before entering the workforce.  Living with your friends and having meals prepared for you daily doesn't hurt though.

I'm not saying student loan debt is not a growing problem in this country, with enormously high costs to attend college.  But each reminder of student loans is a good self-check of why I'm here at UE, and motivation to get as much as possible out of my time here.  


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