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Intramural Superstars and Taco Bell Fridays


One of the favorite activities of college students is playing intramural sports. It's a great way to play a sport you love, or just spend time getting exercise with your friends, or both. Many of our intramural sports also require referees.The referees for the games are typically students looking to make a little (and I mean just a little) extra money. I just so happen to be one of the IM refs, and the only reason I do it is to support Taco Bell Fridays. 

The absolute worst part of refereeing is the complaints we get from the people playing. BREAKING NEWS: We aren't professional refs. We are just students trying to support our Taco Bell addictions. But that doesn't stop the people playing from becoming amazingly upset about the calls we make, and/or using language that would make their grandma's cry. I promise, we really are trying our best, and we are not trying to help one team over the other. It's not like we plan to go out and ref as poorly as we can to infuriate people. Unfortunately, we're human, and we make mistakes. So next time you feel you've been wronged by a fellow student reffing your game, remember: We are doing our best, and it's not always easy to do what we do. We're just trying to support our one true love: steak quesadillas from Taco Bell.


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