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The Joy of Cooking: Evansville Edition


I know it sounds contradictory, but one of my favorite favorite parts of college is my ability to educate myself. I'm on my own, nobody's holding my hand, and so this independence can be used to learn all sorts of new things.

Yummy things. 

I grew up watching the Food Network. Maybe I was just a very hungry child, but I loved watching Emeril Live and Good Eats and Rachael Ray and learning about all the different types of food in the world. I learned how to make a roux from watching these shows, as well as how to chop veggies properly(rock that knife!) and that you never stop stirring a risotto. I started teaching myself to cook when I was in middle school, and I've put my family through many a horrendous dish. However, I've gotten much better at branching out and trying new things, as well as learning various flavor combinations and how to eyeball ingredients instead of using a recipe. 

So when I moved off-campus, I had my own kitchen and I was SET. I love getting to grocery shop for myself and to cook meals that I enjoy. I'm not a ramen girl, but I try to keep things cost-effective while also healthy at the same time. Pinterest is my favorite way to look up how to use a particular ingredient(There's always more spinach than i know what to do with...), and I love food blogs because they've essentially already tried the recipe for you and they'll let you know how it went and what adjustments to make. 

Cooking for myself has taught me how to budget, how to be resourceful, and how to get creative in a field where there really are no rules. I love cooking when I'm not in a show because it's quiet time to reflect on my day and to try something new that I maybe haven't before. I legitimately look forward to making dinner. And the results are pretty tasty :) I've learned the art of a pan sauce, how to make a pretty sweet risotto, and I've even made my own pasta! I also can keep track of what I eat this way(at least better than if I ate out a lot), and I definitely have become far more conscious of what I'm putting in my body, in terms of processed vs. natural ingredients. 

My point? I'm getting a degree in theatre performance from the University of Evansville, in which I learn how to act, sing, sew, and market myself, but I'm also giving myself an education from the school of Alex Raby. Both are extremely important, but I'll be honest, one tastes a liiittle bit better ;)

Below: Chili Lime Coconut Tilapia and Thai Noodles!





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