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The (Hopeful) Birth of #Scooter5K


It's strange how the best ideas come at the most unsuspecting times. For example, the conception of #Scooter5K probably came at approximately 4:48 p.m. on this past Friday afternoon. I had just sat down on Will's futon when I decided to check my email, and noticed that the intramural department needed help putting on the 5K the next morning...

...And being a poor college student, I decided I would help out at said 5K and collect a meager check. After getting everything set up, and all of the competitors checked in, it was time for the race. I noticed that there was a guy on a scooter... and this is what transpired*: 

Update one: The race begins, and the male contestant we will henceforth refer to as "Scooterman" begins the race... on his scooter. He starts strong, and pulls into first place.

Update 2: About 1 and 1/2 laps in, he begins to slow down. Two competitors who are actually running pull close, and eventually pass Scooterman.

Update 3: Scooterman continues to fade, and eventually falls into approximately the middle of the pack.

Update 4: With a strong finish, Scooterman pulls back into 3rd place, with an official time of 19:21.

And with this, an idea was born: Holding a Scooter Only 5K. The idea reportedly spread like wildfire throughout campus, with help from social media, and by late afternoon yesterday #Scooter5K was more than just a brainchild of three weird college students: It is now being legtimately considered as a University of Evansville intramural event, potentially being held later this Spring.

What I am asking you, my beloved readers, is that you let me know A) If you are legitimately interested in participating in a #Scooter5K, and B) Any suggestions you might have regarding this event. Please, let's make this the newest (and maybe THE GREATEST) intramural event.


*For a full report of what transpired during the actual 5K, check out my twitter page: @Greg_McCullough


Posted @ Monday, March 03, 2014 1:39 PM by Kim Carter
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