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Sunday Snow Day


This Sunday turned out quite a bit differently than I had planned.  Yesterday, I knew there was a chance that the weather would be bad, but I didn’t let myself fully believe it because 1) the weather forecast changed every few hours and 2) I wanted my senior violin recital to happen no matter what.   I had lots of family and friends planning on coming to hear me play, my dress rehearsal went smoothly on Friday, and I was completely prepared to perform. 

The weather had other plans.  I awoke this morning to an email announcing that the university was to be closed today, and all scheduled events were canceled.  My senior recital was included in those events.  It wasn’t too overly upsetting, especially since I knew few people would have been able to make it because of the ice, but it was indeed frustrating.  Now I must meet with my violin professor and repeat the difficult task of finding a time that works for her, me, my accompanists, my family, and Wheeler Concert Hall!  Instead of checking something major off my list, I’ll now have to keep up my pieces until I can perform them.  I had put off a large part of my academic life the past two weeks to practice, so now I’ll have to continue the practicing while catching up on schoolwork.  And I have a few other things to practice for.  Instead of my busyness easing up, I’ll have to keep pushing through until my senior recital actually occurs.

Instead of a recital today, I spent awhile letting family and friends know of my recital’s fate, working on homework while keeping the Disney marathon on TV, and making cupcakes.  My boyfriend and I even made the trek a couple blocks away to a friend’s house to visit and study.  (Although it was freezing cold, I thought it was pretty fun to battle the wind with our umbrellas.  How often do you get to do that in the snow?!)  Still a good day, but much less eventful than planned.  Stay tuned for a post after my recital!


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