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My "I should blog so I get paid" Blog


I think it's pretty neat that my school pays me money to type about my experiences and express my opinions on things through this blog. However, in order to get paid, I need to blog twice per month. Seeing as it is now March 17 and I haven't blogged yet this month, I figured now would be a good time to do just that. Unfortunately, I don't have anything exciting to tell you about, but I will make some things up that make it look like I do lots of fun things.

At the very beginning of this month, I was chosen to represent the lovely ladies of Chi Omega in AOPi's "Survival of the Fittest." This was basically a male beauty pageant/talent show put on to raise money to benefit children's arthritis research. Seeing as how I am neither beautiful nor talented, my 5th place finish was a big surprise to me and everyone else.

Also at the beginning of this month, I turned 20 years old. It's strange to me that I can't do childish things anymore and blame it on "being a dumb teenager." Fortunately, however, I did manage to beat teenage pregnancy. So I guess I have to take the good with the bad. Also, it's not too late to send me birthday presents, just so you know.

Last week was our Spring Break, and so I went on an exhilarating vacation to northwest Ohio, where the most exciting thing I did was dig a 3 foot deep hole in the ground.

Now I'm back in Evansville, typing this blog and throwing candy wrappers onto my roommate's bed. As soon as anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to let all of you know. 


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