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Birthday Month! (The Glory of Free Things)

So, we all know a lot of college students are pressed for cash. We also know that all college students presumably are in possession of a birthday. Mine just so happens to fall in March--on March 17th, to be exact. That's right, St. Patrick's Day. If only I looked better in green.

Regardless, I like to celebrate my birthday as "birthday month." And one of the best things about birthday month is all the free stuff you can get if, like me, you sign up for just about every single rewards program under the sun (as long as it's free).

Anyway, here's my haul:

Free cupcake from local cupcakery back home, courtesy my rewards card
Free pancakes from IHOP, courtesy the IHOP rewards program
$2 on my Ounce Back card (which, sadly, I have lost) from Orange Leaf
Free sample makeup kit from Sephora
Free sample makeup kit from Ulta
Free "birthday pastry" from Panera
Free dessert (with purcahse of entree) from Chili's
A series of "happy birthday, here's 20% off" emails from everywhere, ever

Yeah, it's good to have birthday month, especially when all of your college friends are just about as broke as you are. I highly recommend taking advantage of rewards programs like these while in school, because free pastries and cupcakes make it a lot easier to do things like come back to school on your birthday, for instance, or take exams.


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