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Five YouTube Study Breaks


When you need a study break, these five YouTube videos will provide a lot of laughter and enjoyment in only a minute or two.   Taking breaks while studying is quite healthy—and necessary—and instead of spending an hour on Netflix, try these little videos instead. :)


1. “Lamb Lost It’s Way”

Watch if you want something cute.

Bea, the cutest lamb who ever lived, hears her owner’s voice but runs from room to room, searching for her.  She finally finds her owner and triumphantly sprints towards her.

2.  “Quadruplet Babies Laughing”

Watch if you need to laugh. 

It’s healthy to laugh uncontrollably!

3. “Buttermilk plays with her friends.”

Watch if you’re feeling tired. 

Buttermilk has enough energy for all of us.

4. “Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan”

Watch if you need to put an exam in perspective.

Really, this exam you may think is massive is really just one part of your grade in one class during one semester in one year of college in your whole life, and you’re just one little speck in one big country in one giant world in one incredibly large universe.  So that exam?  It’s just a speck on a speck on a speck on the timeline of your life.

5.  “Funniest Porta Potty Prank”

Watch if you want to be amused.

It would actually be pretty awesome if this happened to me.


These are just five suggestions from millions of available videos.  There’s a study break video for everyone out there—happy watching!


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