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3 Things I wish I would've done to prepare for college


1. Buy a smaller laptop

I love my laptop. I'm using it right now. But it weighs in at over five pounds and likes to make my back sore. So, honestly, I advise anyone going into college to not get a large laptop--you will have to walk with it on your back.

2. Bring less stuff

It was a lot of fun to move in freshman year. I got to meet my wonderful roommate and her family as we tried to play tetras in our dorm room. You would be amazed at how much you can fit in a dorm room when the bed is lofted almost to your head (just low enough for you to smack it repeatedly). Still, when it comes time to move out, you realize you not only can't fit in your car, you probably need a U-haul and a camel to get all of your stuff home.

3. Buy less stuff

Maybe this is just an extension of #2, but I loved my pre-college shopping at Target. My parents' bank account did not. Unlike most of the movies about college, your dorm room is not large enough to fit everything you could possibly want. It also doesn't matter if things match perfectly. I call it "Vintage mix and match." Living with less is freeing because you realize you don't need all the things you thought you did.

In conclusion, less is more really is true in college, especially when you have to fit it all in your car.


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