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Is this where I left my Physics homework?


College is viewed by most people that have been through it as the best 4 years (or 6 or 8 years) of their lives. Sometimes it is important to remind oneself of this, and to not get too worked up over an assignment or imminent test. Instead of studying for a physics test I have in approximately 14 hours, I'm typing this. You may look at this as procrastination, but I view it as trying to enjoy my time at college. So instead of memorizing the electromagnetic spectrum, I'm going to tell you how I spent my past weekend. (Hint: I did not spend my weekend studying.) 

There is most definitely a time and place for studying and accomplishing what you came to college for. Prior to beginning to type this, I had been pouring over my aforementioned physics notes for about two hours. However, this is a much more enjoyable task for me, and I needed a study break. I also had many free hours this previous weekend that I could've spent studying for this test, but instead I watched countless hours of basketball and spent time with my friends. As I see it:

1) I'm only young for a finite number of days. In the not too distant future, I will have plenty of time to do things that don't include watching basketball or spending time with my friends, which are two of my favorite activities. 

2) I can manage (for the time being) putting off some of my studying and homework to do things I enjoy. Once we're out in the "real world" (because apparently the world we currently live in is not real), we will not have as much time to do things we enjoy, because we will have jobs and other priorities. 

So for now, I choose to try to walk the fine line of doing things I enjoy for as long as I can, and getting things done as close to the last minute as I think I can tolerate. Because one day I'll have to "grow up" and spend my time doing things I probably won't enjoy nearly as much.

We're only young for a while, and we're in college for an even shorter while. Let's enjoy it.


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