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The Power of Social Media


We are the generation that has gotten to experience the growth and development of social media, because it has coincided so well with our own growth and development. From the younger years of social media (Xynga, MySpace) to the more mature, modern developments (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), we have been there every step of the way, willfully signing up and experiencing most, if not all, of them. 

Social media is clearly a powerful influence today. It is how many of us receive our news and updates on world-wide happenings, as well as the less meaningful things that are happening just a few doors away from us. But it is also our way to share what we are doing with the rest of the world, and to update all of them about our own ongoings. It also allows us to attempt to interact with our favorite celebrities, and to also stay in touch with friends and family members we might not get to see very often. These are a few things that all of us probably know already.

What some of us may not know is that what we post online is permanent. Even if we delete something we have posted, even just mere seconds after, it has already been logged and categorized somewhere in cyberspace. It is important to remember this, as perspective students prepare for college and those of us already there continue to move forward through our education and into the workforce. We might think we are just posting something funny or entertaining, but out future employers might not look at it the same way.

So while there are clear positives to social media, like networking and connecting, there are also a few potential negatives. I like to use my twitter account to try to attract some of you here, to read this, and also to post the random (but appropriate) thoughts I have throughout the day. But I always have to be aware that anything negative or inappropriate could come back to hurt me later. So I encourage all of you to use social media for the greater good (like reading my blog), and not for the not-so-good.


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