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April Is (Probably Not Actually) The Cruelest Month


Considering it's April, I couldn't resist giving this blog post a title that gives a little nod to my favorite eccentric poet of yore, T.S. Eliot. This particular line comes from the wasteland, and claims that April, beautiful April, is the cruelest month because it sets the dormant things of the world back in motion.

However, I'm personally pretty darn happpy that the dormant things of the world are back in motion. I'm one of those dormant things--I just shut down when it gets cold, and this year's winter seemed to drag on long enough that it felt like a personal affront from mother nature.

Now that it's finally warm enough to be outside without it hurting, I've had the opporunity to reconnect with one of my favorite places on campus: the giant tree in front of Olmstead Hall.

View from the tree

As I mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts about my decision to come to UE, this tree was one of the first parts of campus that I saw. Immediately, I pictured myself beneath its branches, reading and writing novels leisurely without a care in the world. As it turns out, college involves a lot more hard work and lot less tree sitting, but since the weather has been gorgeous these past few weeks, I set myself up under the tree for some of that reading like I'd always planned to do.

It was a little bittersweet to realize that these past few weeks will be my last chances to sit anywhere on this beautiful little campus, to be in the place that a younger me chose from amongst the overwhelming numbers of college pamphlets and emails I received. Looking back, I'm still happy for my choice, and feel so lucky to have spent four years here. And while I may end up walking around hugging random objects on campus to say goodbye over the course of the next few weeks and possibly dissolving into tears, I truly couldn't be happier to know I'll be a UE alum.

So, to celebrate that (as well as commemorate the beautiful little moments of peace before finals week), here is an incredibly awkward selfie that I took while pretending to do homework in the tree:

An Awkward Selfie


Taking a selfie is not that easy. Its difficult to look natural when you are concentrating on camera angle , background and a beautiful. I myself have to look through bifocals so I usually take pictures of my nostrils. Congrats manda
Posted @ Wednesday, April 30, 2014 2:41 PM by Dave aint here
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