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Half of a's just a tease


What feels like a weekend with the impending presence of exams and studying, but is only a mere one day long instead of two?  Read/study day.  With no classes or final exams, read/study day is theoretically a fantastic opportunity to get organized and begin studying for finals.  But let's be's also a giant tease of summer that is just under a week away.

Today I spent five and a half hours in the library...working on one final exam project.  As much as I enjoy the quiet space to study, it can start to feel restrictive after that amount of time.  I felt self-conscious opening a snack because it was the loudest sound on the entire third floor.  Just setting a textbook down too hard seems to echo throughout the library.  But being able to walk out of the libarary feeling (somewhat) accomplished makes it worthwhile.  

I appreciate read/study day, in order to have an entire day spent preparing for finals.  Yet it's hard to not get caught up in not having a schedule for the day and daydreaming about summer that is just four final exams away!  

Making the best of a day that feels like half of a weekend is hard, but it does pay off for the remaining time left in the semester.  So once this blog is published, it's back to the textbooks, powerpoints, and notes to prepare for an 8 a.m. final.  It's all just a big countdown until 1 p.m. Monday when my sophomore year comes to a close (how that happened so quickly I'm still trying to figure out!).   


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