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"Don't Cry Because it's Over; Smile Because it Happened." -Dr. Seuss


I kept this Dr. Seuss quote close when leaving Harlaxton, my study abroad home in England, and I called upon it again these past weeks as I experienced many “lasts” before graduation, as I walked across the stage to receive my diploma case and moved my tassel from right to left, and as I said goodbye to many college friends.

Family and friends kept saying, “You’re graduating! Isn’t that exciting?!” My response sometimes almost appeared to be slightly hesitant.  Yes, of course it’s exciting! But extremely bittersweet as well.  I’m sort of a nerd, so although I didn’t always enjoy researching and writing papers and it’s a relief to not have a pile of assignments on my plate, I think I’ll miss even these not-so-glamorous aspects of school.  It’ll be nice to have more free time instead of constantly having that feeling that I should be doing something, practicing, working on the next assignment, studying for the next exam--but I like staying busy (for the most part) and being productive. 

And then there’s all the things I’d say most college graduates will miss:  living in an apartment with their friends, going to campus events, being involved in organizations, and late night McDonald’s sweet tea runs, just to name a few.  College has so much to offer, in and out of the classroom. I’m going to miss the opportunities, the guidance from my professors, simply walking across UE’s beautiful campus. 

I’m tempted to just think about all of these memories and wish them back, long for more fun times at UE.  But instead of this, I’ve taken the mindset to heart that I’m going to remember these good times with a smile, be thankful that I have such wonderful memories, and look forward to the future.  I’m extremely excited about working on campus this summer and completing my many summer plans, my music therapy internship in Cleveland October-April, and life after that.  I’m proud of my accomplishments, and I’m ready to take on the world. I’ll end with a simple cliché that should be read with utmost enthusiasm:

Life is good.


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Receiving my diploma from President Kazee 


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